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  • Overall hydrocarbon supply chain

  • Overview of refinery configurations

  • Key refinery business functions

  • Crude oil characterization

  • Distillation units

    • Crude oil distillation & vacuum distillation

  • Conversion units:

    • Hydrotreating, hydrocracking, reforming, catalytic cracking, Alkylation, isomerization

  • Purification, auxiliary and treatment unit:

    • Merox, sulphur recovery, amine regeneration, Hydrogen production and recovery

  • Refinery tank farms and logistics

  • Product blending and specifications

  • Refinery and petrochemical integration


Participants may include - refinery personnel and trainees / GET, academic participants, operations staff


Duration 3 Days

Oil refinery plant in the evening


  • Introduction to petrochemical industry

  • Petrochemicals

    • Products and uses

  • Feedstocks - composition and preparation

  • Chemicals from paraffins - methane, ethane, propane, butane

  • Chemicals from olefins - ethylene, propylene, butylene, diolefins, acetylene

  • Chemicals from aromatics - benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene

  • Chemicals from non-hydrocarbons - synthesis gas, hydrogen, sulphuric acid

  • Polymers

    • Introduction

    • Polymerization processes

    • Polymer types and uses


Participants may include - petrochemical trainees, academic participants, opearations staff

Petrochemical Industry

Duration 2 Days

Petrochem plant.jpg


  • Fundamentals of linear programming

  • Refinery planning process overview

  • Crude assay data management

  • Insight to planning processes

    • ​Long term / strategic plan

    • Annual / budgetary plans

    • Monthly / weekly operating plans

    • Special case studies

  • Planning model - best practices

  • Process submodel building - best practices

  • Multi-period & multi-site planning model

  • Planning model update - best practices

  • Back casting using LP

  • Crude indifference value analysis

  • Key planning softwares


Participants may include - new members to planning team, scheduling team, business decision maker, crude traders, performance management

Refinery Planning and

Duration 3 Days

Business Consultation


  • Product blending overview

  • Blending systems - batch, continuous and in-line

  • Product specifications

  • Property blending correlations

    • Linear, non-linear and derived (pre-blend and post-blend) property correlations

  • Quality giveaway

  • Blend components and typical properties

  • Blend optimization objectives

    • Component cost vs product price

    • Minimize giveaway

    • Adherence to planning targets

  • Blend optimization

    • Single batch optimization

    • Multi batches / multi grades optimized together

    • Correction batch optimization

  • Additives

  • Key product blending softwares


Participants may include - product schedulers, blend operations, tank farm operations, product and intermediate traders

Product Blending and

Duration 2 Days



  • Refinery scheduling system overview

  • Refinery logistics system overview

  • Inventory management and optimization

  • Crude scheduling

  • Process units and intermediate stream scheduling

  • Product scheduling

  • Product blending and specifications

  • Key features of refinery scheduling software

  • Scheduling best practices

  • Tanks and offsite requirements

  • Performance monitoring


Participants may include - Refinery Schedulers, Blend optimization team and logistics team.

Refinery Scheduling

Duration 3 Days

Scheduling & Blending 1_edited.jpg
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