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  • Build, review and update LP models for single-plant, multi-plant & multi-period

  • Model conversion from one LP tool to another

  • Cost / benefit evaluation

  • Profit improvement opportunities identification

  • Unit configuration studies for green field and brown field refinery and petrochemicals

Planning & Optimizatin
  • Crude oil analysis

  • Crude assay synthesis or updates using lab data

  • Crude tower tuning using distillation data

  • Crude assay integration with planning and scheduling models

  • Crude net back value calculations

Crude Oil
Scheduling & Blending
  • Build, review and update scheduling & blending optimization models for refinery and petrochemicals

  • vLogistics scheduling

  • Short-term and Long-term scheduling

  • Data integration with required business applications for seamless work process

Process Modellig & Simulation
  • Build, review and update rigorous steady state process simulation model

  • LP vectors generation for LP models

  • Re-calibration of rigorous steady state simulation models

  • Facilitating and conducting test runs

  • Oil movement systems

    • Production tracking, monitoring, trending, controlling and analyzing oil movements

    • Integration with scheduling and production accounting

  • Production accounting system

    • Data integration with production systems such as oil movements, LIMS, ERPs and web based manual forms

    • Production accounting / reconciliation

    • Customized reporting

  • Process data historian implementation

  • Process data analytics and custom calculations

  • Dashboards - Self-service, interactive & role-based

  • Reports automation - on-demand & auto-generated

  • KPIs, notifications & asset performance management

  • Digital logbook - operations & maintenance

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